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Working on a Extremely Limited Budget

All OBFO programs described are currently operated with a tremendous amount of volunteer time and in-kind donations from local businesses and citizens. For the past few years, Mr. Whiston Sr. and other members of OBFO program management have donated their time to this cause while also working full-time jobs.

This type of effort can only be sustained for a period of time. Also, while donations of food, clothing, and other goods are greatly appreciated, OBFO cannot come close to meeting the needs of the Gallup community. 

Now is the time for Off Broadway Family Outreach to take the next step. Now is the time for OBFO to expand program offerings and develop a sustainable plan of action to reduce chronic substance abuse and family dysfunction, while increasing community resiliency and hope.


To reach out Headquarters in Spokane, WA: click this link OBFO Headquarters

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