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Product advantages

Tailings dry discharge sieve has the characteristics of simple structure and low cost

  • First, the problem of tailings inventory

    There are 12,718 tailings ponds in China, of which 1,526 are under construction . As of 2007 , the total tailings deposits nationwide were 8.05 billion tons. These tailings deposits occupy a large amount of farmland and woodland and cause huge pollution to the environment. In addition, the safety problem of tailings dams is also becoming increasingly prominent. It is understood that the proportion of middle and diseased tailings reservoirs in existing tailings dams in China is as high as 50% , with serious hidden safety hazards. The dry tail and dry pile of the actual tailings are imminent.

    Development of dry tailings process

    There are many tailings dry-discharging processes. In order to solve the problem of tailings dewatering, in the past, concentration (concentrator or cyclone) + filter or filter press system was commonly used , but there is a large area, large investment, high power consumption, and cost Higher issues .

    A new tailings treatment process that has gradually emerged in China in recent years is that the tailings pulp output through the ore dressing process is concentrated and then processed by dewatering shaker equipment. The moisture content of the products on the screen is usually less than 20% and can be directly transferred. Go to a fixed location for dry storage.

    This process has the advantages of small investment, high efficiency, small footprint, and low operating costs, and is an economical and practical way on the market. If used in conjunction with a filter or filter press, the area of the filter and filter can be greatly reduced. Due to the remarkable advantages of this process, it will soon be popularized and applied in China.


    Third, the role of tailings dry sieve

    尾矿干排筛 起了非常关键的作用 In this new tailings dry-draining process, tailings dry-draining plays a very important role .

    尾矿干排筛 才能达到**理想的工艺效果还不太清楚,因此,实际应用中,做尾矿干排的振动筛有许多种类型,参数也不尽相同,因此,工艺效果也不尽相同。 However, since this process is a new process developed in recent years , it is not clear what type of vibrating screen is used as the tailings dry exhaust sieve to achieve the ideal process effect. Therefore, in practical applications, There are many types of vibrating screens for tailings dry row, and the parameters are not the same. Therefore, the process effects are also different.

    The design and manufacture of vibrating screens is a relatively professional job. Without a certain amount of experience, it is difficult to successfully design a vibrating screen product with advanced indicators. Some manufacturers do not have a certain design for the vibrating screen. The capability of the process not only caused the poor effect of the tailings dry discharge process, but also the accident rate was very high, which not only affected the user's use, but also affected the promotion of the process.


    LZ 系列尾矿干排筛 Fourth, LZ series tailings dry row sieve

    振动筛工程师从事振动筛设计与研究30 多年,早在 1987 年就完成了“ LZ 系列高频振动筛”部级科技攻关项目,做了大量的工业试验,从此国内才有了高频筛,高频振动筛主要应用于选煤厂煤泥回收,虽然选煤厂煤泥回收与选矿厂尾矿干排有一定的差别,但用途类似,一些试验数据对尾矿回收仍十分有参考价值。 Longzhong Heavy Industry vibrating screen engineers have been engaged in the design and research of vibrating screens for more than 30 years. As early as 1987 , they completed the “ LZ Series High Frequency Vibrating Screen” ministerial level scientific and technological research project, and did a lot of industrial tests. Sieve, high-frequency vibrating screen is mainly used for coal slime recovery in coal preparation plant. Although coal slime recovery in coal preparation plant and dry tailings of mineral processing plant have some differences, but the use is similar. Some test data are still very useful for tailings recovery. value.

    尾矿干排筛 就是 隆中重工 在高频筛基础上,结合金属尾矿特点而专门研制的一种用于金属尾矿干排的振动筛 主要用于铁矿、铜矿、金矿、铝矿 尾矿脱水 The LZ series tailings dry sifter is a vibrating screen specially developed by Longzhong Heavy Industry based on high-frequency sieving and combining with metal tailings . Dewatering of tailings such as ores and aluminum ores . 尾矿干排筛 存在的诸多问题经过充分论证、调研后而设计的新型高效尾矿回收设备,具有结构简单、造价低、效率高、耗能低、噪声小及维护方便等特点。 It is a new type of efficient tailings recovery equipment designed after fully demonstrating and investigating the problems existing in a large number of tailings dry sifters in China . It has a simple structure, low cost, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, and easy maintenance. Features.

    LZ 系列 尾矿干排筛技术参数 V. Technical parameters of LZ series tailings dry discharge sieve

    Model specifications Screen surface width mm Screen surface length mm Working area m2 Screen size mm Power KW Processing capacity T / H Dimensions L * W * H (mm)
    LZ1837 1800 3700 6.6 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.4, 0.5, etc. 2 * 7.5 50 ~ 100 3963 * 3013 * 1961
    LZ1845 1800 4500 7.7 2 * 7.5 60 ~ 110 4573 * 3013 * 1973
    LZ2437 2400 3700 8.8 2 * 11 80 ~ 130 3986 * 3745 * 1961
    LZ2445 2400 4500 10.8 2 * 11 90 ~ 150 4595 * 3745 * 2032

    Because the size of the sieve holes or the nature of the materials are different, the impact on the processing capacity is very large. Therefore, the processing capacity is for reference only. In actual application, the sieve parameters must be adjusted accordingly. ** End guarantee ** Good process effect.

    尾矿干排筛的结构组成 Structure of the tailings dry row sieve


    由筛箱、支承装置、电机架、振动器、万向传动轴、胶带联轴器、电机等部件组成(如图) Tailings dry-drain sieve is composed of screen box, supporting device, motor frame, vibrator, universal drive shaft, tape coupling, motor and other components (as shown)


    1. Vibrator (Figure 2 )

    The vibrator is mainly composed of a bearing seat, a rolling bearing, a main eccentric block, a sub main eccentric block, a shaft, an oil injection device and a protective cover. Adjusting the angle between the main and auxiliary eccentric blocks can change the magnitude of the exciting force.

    The bearing adopts a large clearance short cylindrical roller bearing (special bearing for vibration equipment). A special cooperation is adopted between the bearing and the bearing seat and the shaft. The bearing temperature is generally below 50 degrees, the bearing life is doubled, and the vibrator is greatly reduced Maintenance workload and improved working environment.

    The eccentric vibrator has now formed a series with a total of 8 specifications. It can be used on a circular vibrating screen, or it can be used on a linear vibrating screen by using self-synchronization technology. It is a vibrator with better use and longer life in China.


    筛箱 2.Screen box

    The screen box is composed of a screen frame, a screen surface and a screen surface fixing device.

    ( 1 ) Screen frame (Figure 3 )

    The screen frame is an integral space metal structure. It is mainly composed of side plates, upper and lower beam groups, support device bases, inner and outer reinforcing plates of side plates, and longitudinal beam angle steel. The longitudinal beam angle steel is installed on the lower cross beam to support the screen surface and materials. The support device seat is connected to the support device to support the weight of the entire screen vibration part. The vibrator is directly installed at the two holes of the side plate. Reinforcing plate. All major components and side plates are connected by torsional shear-type high-strength bolts.

    筛面:筛面采用聚氨酯弹性板块式筛面,筛孔根据用户需要确定,筛面外形尺寸通用。 (2) Screen surface: The screen surface is made of polyurethane elastic plate screen surface, the screen holes are determined according to user needs, and the screen surface size is universal.


    ( 3 ) Screen surface fixing device

    The screen surface fixing method adopts two ends pressed wood middle rail seat screen surface fixing method (see Figure 4 ). This kind of fixing method is more used for imported vibrating screens. It is suitable for polyurethane edged screen surface. Because polyurethane has certain elasticity, By extrusion, the raised portion of the plate-type screen surface is embedded in the recessed portion of the rail seat. The rail seat is connected with the upper longitudinal beam of the lower crossbeam by bolts. The method is reliable and easy to disassemble.


    3 , tape coupling (Figure 5 )

    The vibrator and the motor are connected by a tape coupling to isolate the motor from vibration. 胶带组成,两个半联轴器通过压板和螺栓与胶带联接成一个整体。 The coupling consists of two half-couplings and tape, and the two half-couplings are connected to the tape through a pressure plate and bolts to form a whole.


    4. Supporting device (Figure 6 )

    The screen is connected to the foundation through four sets of supporting devices. The supporting device is mainly composed of an upper seat, a coil spring and a base.

    5.Universal drive shaft

    The power is transmitted between the two vibrators through the automobile universal drive shaft. Since the universal drive shaft can move freely in the axial direction, the bearing is protected from axial force.

    6.Motor and motor frame

    This screen uses 2 ordinary Y series motors, which are connected to the motor frame by bolts. The motor frame is a welded structure.


    Analysis of working principle

    1.Working principle of vibrating screen

    The vibration part of the vibrating screen is elastically supported by four sets of supporting devices. The vibration force generated by the vibrator causes the screen box to vibrate. The working principle is shown in Figure 7 . The two sets of eccentric mass m1 = m2 in the vibrator are used for synchronous reverse operation. In each instantaneous position, the centrifugal force components along the vibration direction generated by the two eccentric masses always overlap each other, and in their normal directions, the centrifugal force component forces always cancel each other out, thereby forming a single excitation force along the vibration direction To make the sieve box vibrate linearly.


    At positions 1 and 3 , the centrifugal force is completely superimposed, and the excitation force is the largest. At positions 2 and 4 , the centrifugal force is completely cancelled, and the excitation force is zero. Under the action of the exciting force, the material makes a continuous oblique upward throwing motion on the screen surface. The material is loosened when it is thrown up. The collision when it meets the screen surface causes the small particles to pass through the screen, thereby achieving the classification, dehydration, The purpose of desliming and dislodging.

    尾矿干排筛的 脱水原理 2. Dewatering principle of tailings dry row sieve


    用作尾矿干排时,其原理描述如下:入料尾矿由给料箱均匀给入筛子入料口处,首先在与水平成45 度安装泄水筛板处脱除约 1/3 左右的水分,进入平面筛板与倾斜筛板的结合部后,出现物料的积聚,煤泥颗粒靠重力沉降,开始形成较薄的滤层,滤层又阻止其余颗粒透筛,使得滤层逐渐增厚。 When the tailings dry sieve is used as a tailings dry sieve , the principle is described as follows: The tailings are fed into the sieve inlet by the feeding box, and the sieve is firstly removed at the angle of 45 degrees to the horizontal . About 1/3 of the moisture enters the joint of the flat sieve plate and the inclined sieve plate, and material accumulation occurs. The slime particles settle by gravity and begin to form a thin filter layer. The filter layer prevents the remaining particles from passing through the sieve. Makes the filter layer gradually thicker. The water that has not passed through the screen forms a pool in the upper part of the filter layer. Because the filter layer is thin here, the water is gradually removed under strong motion. Due to the high-frequency and low-amplitude vibration state, the tailings forming the filter layer vibrate. The material is becoming denser and denser at the discharge opening. Except for a part of the water in the tailings being removed from the sieve surface, the rest emerges on the surface of the material layer due to capillary action. Due to the negative inclination of the sieve surface, the water does not change. It will overflow from the discharge port and the surface water will flow to the joint pool.

    8 中,Ⅰ区和Ⅱ区为主要脱水区,Ⅱ区除作脱水区外,还是滤层形成区,Ⅲ区为滤层脱水区,物料经过Ⅲ区后,将由松散逐渐形成较密且成饼状的物料,**后排至筛前溜槽。 Therefore, in Figure 8 , Zones I and II are the main dehydration zones. In addition to being the dehydration zone, Zone Ⅱ is the filter zone forming zone. Zone III is the filter zone dewatering zone. After the material passes through Zone III, it will gradually form a loose phase. Dense and cake-shaped materials, ** back to the sieve before the sieve.

    技术特点 Technical characteristics of tailings dry row sieve

    1. High working frequency, high vibration intensity, low moisture content on the sieve, high unit processing capacity, when used in tailings dehydration, it can get a high solid recovery rate.

  • 2. The self-synchronization principle is adopted. The motor drives the vibrator through a tire coupling. The structure is simple and the working noise is low.

  • 3. Negative inclination installation, the sieve surface of the pre-dehydration section is installed at 45 degrees to the level , which increases the dewatering area and promotes the dehydration of the material to form a filter layer as soon as possible.

  • 4. In order to adapt to the differences in the properties of different tailings, the amplitude of this sieve can be adjusted by adjusting the angle between the main and auxiliary eccentric blocks, so as to meet the dehydration effect of tailings of different properties, and make every effort to achieve the best technological effect.

  • 5. Torsion-shear type high-strength bolts are used for the connection between the side plate and the beam, and there is no welding seam, which avoids the problem of side plate cracking caused by welding stress.

  • 6. The vibrator is an eccentric unit body structure, which is easy to disassemble and maintain.

  • 7. The bearing is a special bearing for vibration equipment to avoid premature damage to the bearing.

  • 8. The sieve surface adopts polyurethane elastic sieve surface, with high opening rate and elasticity, which is conducive to dehydration.

  • 9. The pressing plates on the side of the screen are made of polyurethane material, which has a long life, the screen surface is fixed and reliable, and can effectively protect the side plates of the screen frame from being washed away by materials.

  • 10. The screen surface is installed by rail seat, which can be easily maintained and replaced.

  • 11. The surface of the lower beam is coated with an anti-wear coating to prevent premature wear and fracture of the beam.

  • 12 , using steel coil springs to reduce vibration, to minimize the dynamic load of the screen to the foundation.

  • 13. The finite element structural analysis software is adopted to ensure that the strength, stiffness and force of the sieve frame are reasonable, and the weight is lightest and the energy consumption is small.

  • 14. The user can be equipped with a structure with a base frame and a feeding box according to needs, which is convenient for installation and commissioning.

  • 15. The main welding structural parts are all surface-treated and have beautiful appearance.


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