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Our Programs Work

Since its inception in 2010, OBFO has helped 27 men with our in-house program and 61 individuals on an out-patient basis. We have participated in 164 feedings of prepared food and provided uncooked food for just over 200 families. In addition, we have paid and contributed to the relocation of 19 females and 11 men to other facilities where they were able to find help. We have referred approximately 23 men and women to other places such as the Spokane Dream Center, Turquoise Lodge, Teen Challenge, Victory Outreach, Set-Free Ministries, Lighthouse of Hope, Mental Health, the two hospitals in town, After Treatment Recovery, The Compliance Office (to turn themselves in for arrest warrants), and to the Veterans Assistance Programs.

OBFO has linked together with several agencies, businesses, churches, legal entities, city officials, and schools to mutually benefit each other. We have participated in several city-wide clean-up efforts and helped to reload a semi-truck that had overturned on the freeway. We have led is many interventions and family reconciliations, and prevented domestic violence among angry individuals. OBFO has counseled with men and women both to overcome addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, anger and many other dysfunctions. We have provided life-coaching and payee services for over 100 men and women who needed help. We have conducted marriage counseling and pre-marriage counseling for 17 couples who asked for it, and assisted with team counseling one of the psychology firms here in town.

OBFO has gone to the jails, worked with people out on the streets, helped build homes for families in need, and made ourselves available wherever and whenever we were able to do so. It remains our steadfast desire to continue helping people who are struggling because we want our community safe and because we know that each person out there carries a tremendous impact on society as a whole. Many of these individuals are merely victims of circumstances over which they have had no control.

OBFO has also experienced success in reaching the men who entered our House of Miracles discipleship home. Four examples of individuals who completed our programs are presented below. Besides these four, there have been other success stories since we opened our doors. Unfortunately we have not been able to help all who have come to us, but we consider any growth to be at least a partial success.

Caden Michaels (Name Changed) came from Care-66 (Low rent shelter) to OBFO, struggled with drug addictions. Radically changed, became our house manager, went to college (still attending), regularly attends church, eventually moved to own apartment, reconciled with family, and is currently leading a healthy free from addiction lifestyle. Caden remains part of our group and has dedicated his life to helping others.

Samuel Begay (Name changed) came from the streets to OBFO, struggled with alcohol and homelessness. Today is reconciled with his family, attends church regularly, lives and works in Tuscon, AZ., and is helping others to get free from addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Shannon Yazzie (Name changed) came to OBFO from Spokane, WA. Where he was addicted to drugs (any he could get his hands on). Today Shannon is free from drugs, married, reconciled with his family, works in Farmington, NM. Regular church attendee and productive in society.

Michael Bryant (Name changed) came to OBFO from the streets, homeless, addicted to heroin, and other opiates. Mr. Mancuso had been a well known businessman here in Gallup, NM until a relationship tragedy rerouted his life direction toward addictions. At the time Mr. Mancuso came to OBFO, he was facing over 70 years in prison. Through a miraculous transformation, which included favor of the court system, Mr. Mancuso is free both inside and out. Today he is rebuilding his life and is known throughout the community as an upstanding citizen, working, taking care of his family, and helping others who are stuck like he was.


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