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Off-Broadway Family Outreach (OBFO) is seeking to raise $3,450,000 over the next three years to address many of the issues facing the Gallup, NM community surrounding substance abuse and associated dysfunctional living choices, such as poor financial management, family abuse and stress, and homelessness. This business plan provides details on the types of interventions OBFO proposes to implement, funding needed for each program, a plan to raise funds, and expected community changes after three years of expanded program operation.

Gallup, NM is a community of approximately 72,000 people and is centered among several Native American (First Nation) tribes. This area is is known as the Native American Jewelry capital of the world. However, when the surrounding areas are included, Gallup has the second lowest median income in the United States. Historically, citizens have dealt with this poverty through substance abuse, alcohol in particular.

The planned Off Broadway Family Outreach vision is to offer programming that covers the full spectrum of services needed for individuals and families to overcome substance abuse and associated life dysfunction. We meet the people where they are -in neighborhoods, on the streets, in gangs, wherever we can readily find them. All OBFO programs are steeped in Christian teaching and philosophy. However, people will still be able to participate in all programs offered no matter what their religious views are. Through this business plan, OBFO seeks funding to:

1. Establish a Resource Management Site

2. Expand Current OFBO Programs

3. Purchase a New Building

4. Provide Workforce Development Training for Men and Women

5. Open a Homeless Shelter for Men and Women

6. Open Recovery Group Homes for Men and Women (in separate homes)

7. Open a Medical Detoxification Center

After three years of program operation, we expect to see decreases in public drunkenness and disorderly behavior, decreases in area homelessness, reductions in predatory lending and area poverty, increases in family stability and cohesiveness, and increases in area employment and economic development. OBFO is proud to be located in the Gallup community. Through programs outlined in this business plan, we expect to help the Gallup community reach its potential.


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