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OBFO Mission and Vision

Off-Broadway Family Outreach (OBFO) is an outreach ministry setup to meet the needs of individuals whose needs are not being met by other entities within Gallup, NM and surrounding communities. The mission of OBFO is to meet the people where they are -in neighborhoods, on the streets, in gangs, wherever we can readily find them. This also refers to the non-judgmental, non-threatening, non­discriminatory approach we take in getting to know them and their truest needs.

OBFO has the following guiding principles concerning our work in the community:

1. Gang activity, crime, poverty, and dysfunctional living not only make our neighborhoods unsafe for us and our children, but also leave a devastating financial burden upon the rest of the citizens of our society.

2. The troubled individuals we encounter who participate in these activities are, for the most part, third and fourth generation. The lifestyle they endure is for many of them, all they have ever known.

3. All people have gifts and talents. These gifts and talents are being used right now by troubled individuals, even in the lifestyle they are living, and are seen most commonly in the things they are passionate about.

4. Helping individuals to identify these gifts and talents are crucial in encouraging them to believe that they can experience good, and become part of something better than what they have known and lived.

5. Helping individuals to recognize obstacles standing in the way of utilizing their gifts and talents in a productive way provides the keys to unlock the door to assist in the transformation of their lives toward healthy, productive citizens of our society.

6. Providing tools which enable these individuals to overcome and defeat these obstacles provide a firm foundation for them to use as a springboard into whatever healthy venture they are led to undertake.

7. Encouragement for looking beyond themselves and getting involved with meeting the needs of others provides a welcome base for stepping away from the self-centered lifestyle, and solidifying the abandonment of former dysfunctional behaviors.

Using these principals, all OBFO programs address the following objectives which help us to achieve our mission:

1. Assist people with their need – this refers to meeting their needs for shelter, food, legal entanglements, CPS involvement, dependency/co-dependency issues, gaining meaningful employment needs, mental health, and other substantiated dysfunctional behaviors.

2. Point them to embrace matters of faith – We believe that true transformation is incomplete and lacking when this area is overlooked. Therefore, we also incorporate matters of faith into our encouragement toward healthy living. We do not, however, limit our assistance to those who respond according to our belief structures. Our services are open to any and all individuals identified as in need of our assistance.

3. Connect them to other agencies, ministries, and/or churches – this is where they will gain the continuing care they need to affect a fully transformed life. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” mentality. We remain connected to many other agencies, ministries, and churches, and have a wide variety of connections to offer.


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