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Management Team

Larry Whiston Sr. is the Executive Director of Off Broadway Family Outreach in Gallup, NM. and remains a Board member of OBFO-Spokane Corporate Offices He is also Co-founder and President. Mr. Whiston oversees daily operation of OBFO-NM. Mr. Whiston has over 13 years of experience in opening and operating homes for vulnerable men and women dealing with substance abuse and other issues. As discussed on page four, programming led by Mr. Whiston has positively impacted the community. He is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science, and is on schedule to earn this degree early 2016. He then plans on pursuing a Master’s Degree in Mediation and Conflict Resolution.

Other members of the management team include Jimmy Otero (Administrative Financial Director), Robert Mincks (OBFO Spiritual Overseer), Wade Allen (Guidance Director),

Jimmy Otero, Administrative Financial Director – Mr. Otero handles the OBFO-NM Finances under the direction of OBFO Corporate Financial Director, Joseph Parham and James A. Moore, CPA of Anastasi Moore PLLC. Mr. Otero has been an upstanding business man in Gallup, NM for 20 years, with Otero’s Cellular for 10 years, and with Otero’s Locksmith and 5 years with Otero’s Alarm Service. Mr. Otero is well known and respected throughout Gallup and its surrounding community.

Bishop (Dr.) Herb Hutchinson – Dr. Hutchinson labors as Spiritual Overseer and Mentor over OBFO-NM. Dr. Hutchinson’s leadership encompasses headship over several churches and ministries, including Summit School of Ministry and Performing Arts, which is an extension school of Wagner Leadership Institute (WLI of Thomas River, New Jersey). Dr. Hutchinson is also the founder and CEO of Summit Trainingin  Post in Window Rock, AZ. And heads a Biblical Counseling Training School Gallup, NM.

Robert, “Bo” Mincks, OBFO Spiritual Overseer of Discipleship Homes – Mr. Mincks labors as Spiritual Overseer of OBFO Discipleship homes. Mr. Mincks is also a Missionary to North Africa under the 501(c)3 Life Streams International and has been for 15 years. His credentials include Ordination under Christian Fellowship Churches, Grace Harvest fellowship Division of Oral Roberts University, Rhema, and Foreign Missions Foundation. In South Africa, Mr. Mincks continues to oversee the training center that has graduated hundreds of Pastors equipped for work in the fields.

Wade Allen, Guidance Director – Mr. Allen, a graduate of OBFO, House of Miracles disciple home, works with OBFO as a Guidance Director and is included as part of the House of Miracles overseer team. Mr. Allen served as House Manager for the home for the past year and knows the program well.

Ben Sanders, House Manager – Mr. Sanders serves as House Manager for OBFO’s House of Miracles Disciple Home; he is one of our newest leaders who came to us from Elk, Washington. Ben served as one of the leaders at “The Lord’s Ranch,” a similar home as OBFO for a period of about two years.

Bill Camarota, Counselor – Mr. Camorota serves as counselor on the team of counselors. Mr. Camarota is one of the men who benefitted from OBFO’s House of Miracles Disciple Home and is currently pursuing a Certificate with Summit School of Ministry & Performing Arts, an extension school of Wagner Leadership Institute.

John Hartom, Office Manager – Mr. Hartom, a native to Gallup, NM, is another recent arrival to our team. He has tremendous administrative skills and will serve as Office Manager under the Board of Directors at OBFO’s City Hope Resource Center.


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